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Clare View Accommodation
Ronald & Esther van Diessen
220 Spring Gully Road
Clare SA 5453

PO Box 616

1st (Ronald) 04 338 444 82
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About us - The Clare View story

The Clare View story

In 1998 I felt the urge to go out there and explore the world. Born and raised in The Netherlands I believed that Australia was that great country to explore. On my way to Australia I met a girl at London Heathrow Airport during a stopover. Of course I had no idea what so ever that she was going to be my wife many years later...

In Australia we both had the same travel plans for the first few weeks, so we accompanied one another and got to know each other a lot better. We ended up in Clare where we worked for a business who owned a few Bed & Breakfast cottages. We dreamt about this great place and how awesome it would be to own a bit of land and create an income out of it all. We left Clare fantasizing about the great opportunities that laid ahead of us. We travelled trough Australia for another six months and returned to the Netherlands via New Zeeland.

I know, a long introduction.

Back in The Netherlands we decided to live together straight away. We were asked to live in a 400 year old Dutch windmill, which was abandoned, as the owner was concerned about security. So we did. In 2005 we got the extremely rare chance to actually buy the 5 storey, 12 meter high windmill, just on the outskirts of Amsterdam. There are only around 100 people that privately own a windmill in The Netherlands.

As it was always a dream of ours to buy a windmill, you can imagine how extremely happy and excited we were, but thoughts of Australia and the Clare Valley lingered. On the same night we were out for dinner to celebrate our fresh ownership, we decided to start the long process of applying for a skilled working visa for Australia. In this 2 year process we got married and completely renovated the windmill. On January 4th 2008 we arrived in Melbourne and travelled around for a bit and found ourselves a rental place in Clare. In June 2008 we sold the windmill and in August 2008 we bought a great place just outside Clare on 27 acres with stunning views.

Another dream came true. The backpackers are back to stay!!

The property had 2 houses, we decided to live in the older transportable and transform the, only 4 year old main house, into a holiday home / Bed and Breakfast. We are always looking for something unique and loved the fact that this new house, on top of the hill, was already completely adapted to people with a disability. After a lot of hard work the result is finally there. On 12 December 2008 we opened our B&B and named it Clare View, because of its magnificent views of the Clare Valley.

In 2012 we also renovated the Cottage and turned that into a self contained holiday home with a wine theme.

We hope that we can make a difference and show the magnificent Clare Valley to a whole new dimension of tourists. Maybe, who knows, one day, guests from far away are just as surprised by the Clare Valley as we were 16 years ago. And maybe, they will be back...

We hope you appreciate this beautiful place as much as we do and truly enjoy your stay.

Warm regards,

Esther & Ronald van Diessen

Esther and Ronald van Diessen

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